Marine Services

We are proud to offer Marine Services in addition to our already exceptional workers compensation portfolio. At Penser, we know the concerns vessel owners have with respect to the care of their crew and we know the lifeblood of a marine operation is the health and safety of their crews.

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Unemployment Insurance Services

Penser has developed an aggressive and very effective cost containment program to assist employers in lowering their unemployment tax rate and thus their unemployment taxes. The average Penser unemployment customer has enjoyed a reduction of between 35%- 40% in their unemployment tax rate. Some employers have seen tax rate reductions up to 85%. These large percentage decreases in tax rate have lead to very significant unemployment tax bill savings for our customers.

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Self-Insured 3rd Party Claim Administration

Penser North America’s Workers Compensation Administration philosophy and goals are very simple. We want to minimize overall claim program costs while at the same time providing an efficient and timely benefit delivery to the injured workers. Over the past several years Penser has been very successful in accomplishing these goals, and because of this success our firm has experience sustained growth.

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State Fund Services

Over the last 30 years Penser has helped hundreds of state funded employers reduce their workers’ compensation costs, and receive retrospective rating program premium refunds. Through comprehensive program analysis, proper employer training, aggressive return to work program implementation, and proactive claims management, we have been successful in working with employers of all sizes in the management of their workers’ compensation exposure.

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Self-Insurance Certification Services

Due to the rapid rise in workers' compensation premiums over the last few years, self-insurance is becoming an increasingly popular and cost effective way for organizations to manage their workers’ compensation exposure. However, the “self-insuring” process can be difficult and full of "pitfalls".

Because of this, it is very important to have a company to work with your organization that is familiar with these "pitfalls" and able to provide guidance throughout the process.

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Loss Control Services

The mission of our loss control service is to aid in preventing accidents, meet safety regulations and to assist with special challenges. We accomplish these goals through a consultive approach to loss control. 

We begin by meeting with management, examining types and frequency of accidents, and reviewing safety programs. We then work with our client to customize our services to meet the specific needs of the organization.

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Education & Training Services

Penser North America, through it's affiliates offer world-class training sessions by recognized experts. These consultants of the SMART Education Center offer a host of accident prevention training classes and general business courses aimed at injury prevention and leadership development. 

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Group Retro Programs

Group Retro Programs Penser North America Inc. manages claims for some of the highest refunding group retrospective rating programs Washington State. The groups that Penser is involved with in have historically generated annual refunds of between 35%-55%

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