Loss Control Services

Penser North America uses a two–pronged approach to minimize your workers’ compensation costs. Our loss control services are available to assist your organization in preventing accidents while our claims department works to contain the cost of injuries.

We recognize that the extent to which each organization utilizes outside loss consulting services varies greatly, so we have priced our loss services outside of the claims management fee schedule, and then allow the customer decide what - if any - type of loss control assistance they want.

When utilized, the mission of our loss control service is to aid firms in preventing accidents, meeting safety regulations, and assisting with special problems. We accomplish these goals through a consultant-type approach to loss control.

We begin by meeting with your management, examining the types and frequency of accidents, and reviewing safety programs. From there we will customize our service to your organization.

Loss Control Service Options

Safety Program Management

Successful accident prevention is essential for achieving high productivity and low costs long term. Penser’s Loss Control Consultant can help your organization identify the systems errors that lead to accidents, offer controlling strategies, and help design measuring and accountability systems. Our loss control consultant can assist in determining achievable organizational goals as well as the means to achieve them. Your assigned consultant will review and analyze the loss history and existing programs and meet with key people in your organization.  This consultative approach will identify important areas where we may be able to reduce accidents and improve your safety management program.

Program Compliance Audits

The Department of Labor and Industries audits self-insured employers on a random basis. These audits include a review of your safety program to ensure compliance with state regulations. Our loss control consultant is very experienced with these audits, and will provide you with the latest compliance information and L & I’s current focus to help you prepare for a successful audit.

Regulatory Compliance

Our loss control consultant can assist you with meeting the myriad of Department of Labor and Industries safety regulations, and other safety program needs. Some of the safety programs and topics for which we provide consultation include:

  • Accident Investigations
  • Back injury prevention
  • New employee orientation
  • Effective safety committees
  • Job safety analysis
  • Accident repeater programs
  • Behavior based safety
  • Hearing conservation
  • Lockout-Tag out
  • Electrical safety
  • Forklift driver safety
  • Fleet safety

Education & Training

Ongoing safety education is an important element to any successful safety program. Our loss control consultant is an experienced educator and trainer. His experience and depth of resources makes it possible to customize training and educational programs for staff, trainers, supervisors and other key employees. The topics of training are diverse to meet your general and specific needs.

Safety Inspections

Our loss control consultant stays abreast of pertinent regulatory developments and will provide updates on any changes. We follow proposed regulations closely and are able to add regulatory input and attend important public hearings. If your facilities are subjected to a WISHA inspection we may be able to protect your interests during the inspection process, review the citation for validity, suggest abatement strategies, and guide your organization through the appeal process before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals.

Accident Investigation

We can help to assist in the investigation of serious accidents including the following very important areas:

  • Follow up accident guidance
  • WISHA reporting requirements
  • Conduct interviews & gather statements
  • Determine contributing causes
  • Assistance during WISHA Investigations
  • Safeguards to prevent reoccurrences


Recognizing every organization has special and sometimes unpredictable safety needs; we have developed our loss control services program to specialize in addressing unique safety concerns. Our consultant possesses extensive knowledge in occupational safety and health. We also have working relationships with established laboratories and specialty consultants if the need arises.

Claims Analysis

The monthly loss analysis report we provide contains useful statistical information that will help you focus your accident prevention resources. The loss analysis breaks down your claims be location, department, length of service, month, day of the week, hour of the day, activity, injury type and body type. Your designated loss control consultant can review the loss analysis for trends and other information that will assist you in targeting accident prevention efforts.

Industrial Hygiene

Unlike physical safety hazards, industrial health exposures may be especially difficult to discover. Our consultant is trained in industrial hygiene. We offer our clients a wide variety of bulk, air and liquid sampling services to determine occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals. Your designated consultant can also help prevent noise induced hearing loss and evaluate compliance with state hearing conservation program requirements.


Cumulative trauma disorders are increasingly being found in the workplace. Ergonomic hazards can be found in the office or in the field environment. Our staff can help evaluate workstation ergonomic exposures and assist in developing solutions to prevent these costly injuries.

For more information on our loss control services, please contact safety@pensernorthamerica.com

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