Unemployment Insurance Services

Penser has an aggressive and effective cost-containment program to assist employers in lowering their unemployment tax rate and thus their unemployment taxes. The average unemployment customer can expect to see a reduction between 35-40% in their tax rate; some employers have seen reductions as high as 85%.

Penser hires only the most skilled unemployment claims managers in the industry who monitor employees for three years after leaving an employer and request relief from charges to ensure their tax rate is not affected by employees who voluntarily quit or were discharged for misconduct.

Penser’s unemployment program is divided into two phases:


The initial phase is integrating Penser’s unemployment program into your business. It shifts the daily work from your busy staff to Penser’s experienced professionals. This allows Penser to best integrate our loss-control efforts into any existing program already in place. Penser will:

  • Evaluate current records with Employment Security to determine any adverse trends affecting your unemployment rates.
  • Conduct educational training seminars and workshops designed to educate your staff on properly discharging employees, documenting separations and making sure all information is funneled through Penser.
  • Review your company’s policy and procedures manual and make suggested alterations to keep your company in compliance with government regulations.
  • Consult on current unemployment claims to determine the best course of action.

Claims Management

This is the ongoing service Penser provides on a day-to-day basis. Your personal claims manager will ensure claims are being handled in an equitable manner as cost-effectively as possible by eliminating claimant abuse and unnecessary expenses. Penser will:

  • Facilitate all unemployment claims filed with the Employment Security Department.
  • On a weekly basis, confer with the employer on claims filed to determine the reason for the employee separations.
  • Handle all protests and appeals.
  • Prepare and represent employers on unemployment hearings.
  • Correspond directly with claimants’ representatives, Employment Security adjudicators, and other parties involved with a claim.
  • Review quarterly Statement of Benefit Charges for errors.
  • Mail formal job offers upon request and seek termination of benefits when an employee does not return to work when asked.
  • When possible, compare unemployment records to those at Labor & Industries to ensure claimants are not receiving both unemployment and workers’ compensation at the same time.
  • Provide detailed reports and actuarial studies.
  • Provide ongoing training.

To obtain more information about our unemployment insurance services, please contact unemployment@pensernorthamerica.com, or call 360-455-4128 x103.

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