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More About Penser

Penser is a Northwest owned and operated company that was established in 1968. The company was the "founding father" of employer representation and retrospective rating programs with regard to state fund workers' compensation claims handling. Over the years Penser has grown to offer a variety of services, most notably third party claims administration services for employers who are self-insured for their Washington State workers' compensation claims administration.

Since the inception of our company, we have always worked with the local employers and injured workers and have had a presence in the Tri-Cities community. In 2009 we opened a branch office in Richland, Washington dedicated to working with the US Department of Energy and our other self - insured clients in eastern Washington. We have also recently opened an Anchorage, Alaska office to work with the State of Alaska's self-insurance program and to expand our pacific northwest presence.

As a company Penser prides itself on our ability to effectively manage claims in accordance with the applicable state laws while maintaining our flexibility to customize programs to each individual clients unique work environment and work force.

While the DOE's workers' compensation claims must be managed per Washington State law, it is clear that the scope of work conducted on the Hanford Site is a true representation of a unique work environment. And when Penser utilizes the term "client" it is our philosophy that injured workers are included in that scope and providing outstanding customer service to all stakeholders in the process is our goal.

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