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All travel expenses related to medical treatment are reportable costs to Washington State Labor and Industries (WAC 296-15-221.  This policy is to ensure these costs are reported correctly and to ensure there is no hardship to the injured worker.  Injured workers shall be reimbursed pursuant to applicable Washington State Labor and Industries regulations or pursuant to the current rates and amounts set for Government employees in the Federal Travel Regulations (www.gsa.gov), whichever provides greater benefit to the worker.  

If medically necessary for an injured worker to be accompanied by another person during the workers travel, the companion’s travel and per diem shall also be reimbursed pursuant to the applicable rates, as specified in the above paragraph.  The companion, if he/she is an employee of a DOE Hanford prime contractor or teaming partner, shall also be reimbursed for wages lost during travel.  Lost wages for a companion who is not employed by a DOE Hanford prime contractor or teaming partner shall not be reimbursed. 

  • All costs associated with airline travel are coordinated through Travel Leaders and these costs are billed directly to Penser.

  • Injured workers shall be reimbursed at the applicable per diem rate, and not be required to provide receipts for food. 

  • Airline charges for necessary luggage will be reimbursed with the submission of a corresponding receipt. 

  • Parking charges are reimbursed with submission of a corresponding receipt. 

  • If a travel advance is needed the injured worker must provided Penser with a request for travel advance  no less then five business days from the date of their travel.

Once medical appointment dates have been confirmed, Penser will provide a letter to the injured worker advising them of facilities with whom Penser has direct billing relationships and the above requirements.

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