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Penser North America Inc. manages claims for some of the highest refunding group retrospective rating programs in the State of Washington. The groups that we are involved in have historically generated annual refunds of between 35%-55%.

These high refunds can be attributed to the following characteristics of our group programs:

  • Proactive / aggressive claims management
  • Appropriately selective underwriting and entrance standards
  • Effective Loss control
  • On staff nurse case management and vocational case management professionals
  • Employer training classes
  • On-site employer training
  • Customized program solutions
Our groups span a wide cross section of industries and risk classes. We have successful group programs that can accommodate just about every type of organization.

To obtain more information about our group retrospective rating programs, and to see if your organization would be eligible to participate, please contact a retro program representative at retro@pensernorthamerica.com, or call Phil at 1-888-437-5582 X103.